1. Energy series (2005-2006)

All things in the Universe are changing. There seems to be an absence of order, however they have own regulations. It is the circularity of energy.

2. Movement in Stillness series (2006)

A movement is inherent in stillness. The stillness, as the contrasting conception of movement, refers to a state of relatively slow movement in a restricted space rather than a state of immobility.

3. Cosmos and Chaos series (2009)

The vast expanse of the solar system and the micro world of atoms have something in common; both worlds rotate around the same axis. However, this link does not mean that there can be no change- since all things in the universe are to a degree always active. Furthermore, whether great or small, they are in no way moving at their own whim but in balance and reaction to one another.

4. The circulation of the universe (2010-2011)

The universe is composed of energy.
The energy created by the electromagnetic force (Yin and Yang) circulates.
The universe repeats the cycle of creation and extinction.