Chaos, Cosmos and Circulation

“Inquiry about The Formula of Coexistence of Chaos and Cosmos”

Sungfeel Yun’s art works represent a cosmological principal of harmony between the chaos and the cosmos. In addition, the figure of cosmos tends to be revealed by a circular form. The world seems like to be chaotic. It may be almost impossibility to predict the future because of constant transitions and instabilities of the universe. Therefore, predictability of human should be restricted within extremely narrow parts of the world. However the predictable ability can be a proof that there are regular principals of the universe. Moreover the regularity should be circulative with regard to the fact that regularity always accompanies reiterative phenomena of order. The facts that, every planet in the universe revolves without any crash and four seasons rotate every years, can be practical examples of cosmos. The world is composed balanced coexistence of chaos and cosmos.

The world that is possible to explain by the contrastable notions of the chaos and cosmos seems to be logically paradoxical and mysterious. It is necessary to consider the linguistic meanings them in order to solve the logical contradiction. The chaos is a changeable state that is difficult to find any regularity. In contrast, the cosmos is an occurrence in an order that human can understand and accept. Namely, the conceptual division between the chaos and the cosmos is revealed in terms of the regularity or repetition that whether human can understand or not.
So the chaos and the cosmos distinguished by human intellectual ability toward universal phenomena rather than essential differences of existences. The earth can be accepted as more obvious regularity for human who has advanced intellectual ability compare with other creatures.

There is no fundamental difference in every event of the world. It is just interpreted and understood by human in the notions of the chaos and the cosmos. The artist’s works allude that, every contrastable phenomenon in the universe is not different, though the harmonic form of the circulation. Sungfeel Yun challenges to the stereotypical concepts by novel interpretation moreover, he accomplishes visually balanced harmony of the chaos and the cosmos.

Critic Young-Sang Hong